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Blog from iPhone with WordPress app



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By Wee Bobby


This post was created and posted from an iPhone using a WordPress App.

Click: Get the free app for your iPhone!

See steps below to get started blogging from you iPhone.

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Steps – after downloading app to iPhone
1. Use same admin and password you use for your WordPress login. You can also create a blog from the mobile WordPress app.

2. Enter name of website: or whatever your WordPress blog is named.

3. App will authenticate your information.

4. Post page appears in your iPhone for WordPress.

5. Click on the plus sign: + to add a post.

6. Select categories: Select blog or other categories, optional.

7. Write text first, then add photo or video.

8. Add photo, select medium size, 300x300px (good for mobile site)

9. Hit publish and wait until upload is complete before trying to view blog post.

10. Edit post if needed and keep blogging!

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