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New bed for Bobby


Photos by Jannet Walsh ©2013,

By Bobby

I just wanted to show you my new bed that’s from a company called For Your Dogs Only.


This is called a Bagel Bed, because it has a very comfortable pillow that’s the shape of a bagel.  As I am only just over 10 pounds, my bed is an extra small size.  What makes it so nice is that I can rest my head on the outer pillow or bagel, and I can spend hours doing what I like best, sleeping.


Bagel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I must say that my human pet Jannet  Walsh selected the bed for me, and I just love it, and her, of course!

My duties visiting the nursing home can be overwhelming with all the people that want to pet me or hold me, so it’s wonderful to have a comforable bed at home, and  be rested and ready for my charity work as a goodwill ambassador, as a volunteer, of course.

Sometimes I am just overwhelmed with all the requests for people wanting to oh and ah over me, but I do my best to answer as many requests as possible during my outings.

I especially like nursing homes visits as so many people just want to be loved, and I am perfect for the job.

This past year I tried to sign up to be a therapy dog, but missed the deadline, so I am visiting the nursing home in Willmar several times a week.  I don’t get paid, but I feel like I own the place when I walk down the hall and wait for the first person to say, “Can I pet the dog?”

Many people know my name, so I feel right at home while on the job!


Please go to my special page that showcases other dogs and pets looking for a new home!  

Bobby at Willmar Pet Hospital.  Photo by Jannet Walsh ©2013

Bobby at Willmar Pet Hospital. Photo by Jannet Walsh ©2013








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