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Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas from!                 Click to... Read More

Christmas video with Bobby!

View video at CNN iReport... Read More

Comfy Bobby

By Wee Bobby Here I am just keeping cozy in my little bagel bed I just can’t live without! If... Read More

New bed for Bobby

Photos by Jannet Walsh ©2013, By Bobby I just wanted to show you my new bed that’... Read More

Blog dog

Wee Bobby next to his website.... Read More

Good dog, bad dog – Must see video before adopting a pet

By Wee Bobby Blogger If you are thinking about bringing home a dog as a pet, think long... Read More

Straight scoop on dog’s anal glands

By Wee Bobby Ouch! This is a very delicate topic. I am in pain right now in the area of my posterior... Read More

Dog snacks: Avoid eating rocks

By Wee Bobby I just enjoyed a delicous snack of my  kibbles, a small amount of my Hill’s  Scie... Read More

First day home

  By Wee Bobby Here are photos on my first day home on June 11, 2013,  in Murdock, Minn., after... Read More

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